Photos with Deep Contrast




273/366: Obstacles Obstacles in our path can add beauty or pain. They can be part of the experience or they can hinder our adventure. Our perspective will determine our enemies and our friends.. our beauty and our pain.
San Juan National Forest - The Forest Is Calling

The Forest Is Calling

217/366: The Forest Is Calling I relish this view of the San Juan National Forest with the beautiful Apsen trees spread out among the wilderness which is the forest. The contrast of the aspen trees against the brilliantly blue sky and crisp…
Leaf Falling to Pieces

Falling to Pieces

310/365: Falling to Pieces This giant leaf is slowly falling to pieces at the weather degrades its internal structure. The beauty that exists during fall will soon give way to cold and bland landscapes. Enjoy the colors and contrast before…


265/365: Climbing When climbing out of a rut or to the top, we all need a little help. Don't be afraid to ask.
Landscape Farm Land


148/365: Landscape Big sky landscape of farm land in central Texas.
snowy bench in a park

Snowy Bench

41/365: Snowy Bench I'll save you a seat on this snowy bench. Meet me in the park at half past 10. We will run and play on this snowy day. A day no one can take away.
art sculpture

Finch Bird Feeder

38/365: Finch Bird Feeder In this cold weather it is good practice to keep your bird feeders filled.  It is difficult for the animals to find food in this weather.  Our finch bird feeder is full and ready for some finches to arrive.
basset hound in the snow

Basset Hound in the Snow

37/365: Basset Hound in the Snow Cannot keep this hounds sniffer down.  Charlie, the basset hound, enjoying the Texas snow.
piano stairs


36/365: Climb Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. I dream to climb mountains. Explore and stand on top of the world.  Every step brings me closer to my dream.  Every breath pushes…
mason jars


34/365: Jars The jar will always start out empty.  Our determination, will, want, strength and desire will either fill it half way, all the way or leave it empty.  Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
horse barn

Horse Barn

31/365: Horse Barn This horse barn is located in Bartonville, Texas.  I loved the architecture of the building and the clean lines of the wood planks.  The fisheye lens adds some character to the photo.
old journels

Another Chapter

16/365: Another Chapter Another chapter closed. Many more to write. May this year be filled with joy and light. Happy 9th Birthday Joshua!


15/365: One It just takes one.
Domestic Mallard

Domestic Mallard

12/365: Domestic Mallard A domestic mallard looks upon a pond on a beautiful sunny day.
air filter lines


310/365: Lines Symmetry. Lines. Order. Art. Beauty. Everywhere. Just. Look.
broken light

Broken Light

308/365: Broken Light Broken lights can still shine bright. The angle just may be out of sight... Broken lights can still shine bright. Don't give up on the little light.
Radio Flyer Wagon

Broken Dreams

303/365: Broken Dreams Broken dreams, broken fears Highs not reached Flights not believed Wants confused with needs.
Mario Toad finds Home

Toad Finds A Home

229/365: Toad Finds A Home The Mario character Toad finds a home in our backyard on this giant mushroom.
Mushrooms in New Hampshire


226/365: Shrooms We came across these awesome orange mushrooms when exploring around Mount Washington State Park in New Hampshire.  I love how the orange contrasts against the brightly colored green moss and mini plants.
tower in the sky

Tower In The Sky

200/365: Tower In The Sky This sculpture towers in the sky in the art in the park area.  The contrast of the deep blue sky with the white architecture is beautiful.
lava lamp

Lava Lamp

180/365: Lava Lamp A lava lamp always brings me back to my early 20's and the freedom of young adulthood.  Such fun memories from a time in my life when anything was possible, nothing was troubling and the wind was at my fingertips. I had…
art sculpture

Sculpture in the Sky

177/365: Sculpture in the Sky This art sculpture in located in Hall Office Park, Frisco Texas.  The clean lines and ambient blue sky made for a great photo.  The color contrast of the off white sculpture against the deep blue sky bring out…