Colorado Bend State Park Long Exposure Night Photography

Spinning Into The New Year

366/366: Spinning Into The New Year Let's spin into 2017. Another 365 Photo Project is completed today. This year has provided some amazing growth with my photography, knowledge and equipment. I want to thank everyone who has supported this…
Million Dollar Highway - Durange to Silverton

Safe In The Steep Cliffs

363/366: Safe In The Steep Cliffs Safe in the steep cliffs is where I want to be.. Away from the noise which speaks so loud... Photo taken in Colorado on the Million Dollar Highway between Durango and Silverton this past Summer. I needed…
Long Exposure of Murrell Park at Lake Grapevine


361/366: Prana n | used to refer to the energy that flows through all matter in the universe. When taking this photo I crawled under this fallen tree's brush in order to get the correct composition and line the sun up with the further out…
Happy Holidays - Christmas Tree with Lionel Train

Happy Holidays

359/366: Happy Holidays May your holiday be filled with joy, happiness and yummy cookies. Photo taken this holiday season of our Christmas Tree with the Lionel Train zooming around for an exposure time of 15 seconds at f/8, ISO 31 - 19…
Composed Stillness at Lake Grapevine

Composed Stillness

357/366: Composed Stillness in this moment it forced me to be in a state of composed stillness... even for just 59 seconds. I can say for a moment today... my mind was quiet. Photo taken out a Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine this afternoon…
Flower Mound Family Portraits

Let's Fly

356/366: Let's Fly Sneak Peek from last weekends Mom and Son photo shoot with this awesome duo. Bryson had so much energy and a killer smile it made for a fun and creative photo shoot. This was one of my favorites as it truly shows mom and…
Gorman Springs Trail - The Tease

The Tease

351/366: The Tease Some may think this photo is underexposed, however, it was intentionally taken and left that way.. I've titled it 'The Tease' and it is just the perfect title to give the viewer a bit of a tease to the beautiful waterfall…
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth - KAWS - Companion

KAWS - Companion

349/366: KAWS - Companion I discovered an artist named KAWS a few weeks ago and got my mind stimulated/awakened by his sculptures and the vast interpretation each can leave the viewer with, depending on there life perspective. It made me…
Gorman Springs Trail - Stepping Stones

Follow Me To The Land of Serenity

348/366: Follow Me To The Land of Serenity Follow me across the creek, to the land of serenity and peace of mind. Follow me to free your mind and find your inner ecstasy. Follow me and leave it all behind... we can find ourselves tonight. Photo…
Flower Mound Senior Photo Shoot

Shooting For The Stars

347/366: Shooting For The Stars Had an amazing Flower Mound senior photo shoot this afternoon with Carson. I love the ability to be creative during senior photo shoots... to truly capture the essence of the person at this important time in…
Caught Off Guard

Caught Off Guard

346/366: Caught Off Guard Photo shoots can be fun.. had an awesome shoot this morning with this creative bee and her family. So much laughing and silliness that it made my morning! I love embracing each families style and attitude... it keep…
Light Painting in Colorado Bend State Park

Call Me A Spaceman

344/366: Call Me A Spaceman Through the milky way In my spaceship At the speed of light I'm gonna make it I know you've been expecting me Turn on the camera's take another scene [hardwell] I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and…