Duck Photos


Female Mallard Duck in a Pond

Just Keep Swimming

30/365: Just Keep Swimming Female Mallard Duck goes for a swim in the pond.  In life we should just keep swimming in difficult situations.
Scaup Duck in a pond

Eye On You

22/365: Scaup Duck Eye On You Always be aware of your surroundings.  Even this Scaup duck knows to watch those around in order to achieve safety.
Ducks eating food

Duckie Feeding Time

228/366: Duckie Feeding Time I always enjoy this time of my day.  So calming to feed these guys and watch them interact with each other and me.
Duck takes Flight

Alex T. Loner takes Flight

202/366: Alex T. Loner takes Flight This past Monday when I went to feed my ducks, they were all gone [except Nate the Great].  This was the bittersweet day I had come to soon expect.  To my surprise, Alex arrived back to the pond on Tuesday.…
wildlife at a pond with trees

Beautiful World

194/366: Beautiful World So much beauty and art in this photo.  If you just take a moment to look around in your world, image what you may see.  Beauty beyond believe. [Duck is Nate the Great]
Ducks eating by a pond

Alex T. Loner Makes a Friend

193/366: Alex T. Loner Makes a Friend This past week Alex T. Loner has found a friend.  I've named him Nate the great.  So happy to see Alex making friends and doing so well.  I believe Nate is also a young duckling, possibly a few weeks…
young female mallard duck

Beautiful Girl

173/366: Beautiful Girl ... all over the pond.  If my estimates are correct this is Alex T. Loners 9th week of existence.   She is getting so big!!
young mallard ducks

The Sensational Seven

163/366: The Sensational Seven The sensational seven have grown vastly over the last several weeks.  Soon they should be flying.
story of resilience

Alex T. Loner

161/366: Alex T. Loner This is a story of resilience. Alex T. Loner, a baby duck was abandoned at 3 weeks old. I approximate her birth to have been around April 24th 2012. After Alex was abandoned she did all she could to survive. Alex…
Baby mallard ducks in a pond

How Many Baby Ducks?

139/366: How Many Baby Ducks? Figure it out Friday is Back! How many baby ducks are in this picture?
rainbow over storm clouds in a park

Rainbow of Protection

136/366: Rainbow of Protection Yesterday with the help of a friend, we tried to rescue a baby duck who has been abandoned by its mother.  I've named this baby Alex.  She is so resilient, smart and fast.  We were unable to rescue her last…
A Family of Mallard Ducks

A Family

130/366: A Family ... of ducks.  I've been watching this duck family for going on the second week now.  The baby duckling is adorable as it always stays close to the mom and waddles right behind her.
Wildlife at a pond


39/366: Wildlife Two Canadian Geese joined the ducks this afternoon.
Male mallard duck at pond

Mr. Duck

20/366: Mr. Duck Mr. Duck goes for a walk outside the pond.
wooden duck figurine

In Memory of Mr. Duck

4/366: In Memory of Mr. Duck Mr. Duck passed over the rainbow bridge.  I will never forget you.