Fall Colors in Colorado


🍂The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go. 📷 EXIF15.0 secondsf/8ISO 10014mm📍 4 mile falls, san juan national forest, colorado ⚙GearNikon D810Nikkor 14-24mm (f/2.8)Lee Filters  Big Stopper…
flower mound photographer - fall photo shoot - art

with my camera 📷 back in hand ... it is now time to get to some fall photo shoots.. my favorite wide landscape scene of a beautiful couple and their three dogs from yesterday. all the recent rain provided for a serene reflection pond at…
Fall Colors in Colorado - Landscape Photography


'cause fall.🍂 i'll just leave this right here.... perfection. but damn - i miss that mountain air, the smell of forest and the serenity of nature... i miss my Colorado. 📷EXIF 1/5 seconds f/8 ISO 100 14mm ⚙Gear Nikon D810 Nikkor…
Flower Mound Family Photographer - creative photography


310/365: 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦jump.jump🍂 ⚠️sneak peek⚠️ editing a family session from a few weeks ago... i love being able to create fun and interactive shots/poses - it chills the vibe and makes the experience fun. currently…
Pagosa Springs Colorado Fine Art Black and White Landscape Photography


285/365: mountain🌨️🌨️🏔️🌨️.snow there comes a time in every 🍂fall - when🍂 🌨️winter 🌨️makes a play for the landscape🌨️🏔️. photo (2 shot panoramic) captured in pagosa springs, colorado as a snow…
Aspen mountain road in fall - fine art colorado landscape photography

278/365: 🌳aspen🌳🌳.g🍂old🌟🍂 streets lined in aspen gold and a sky of bottomless blue mountain clouds surround just me and you. come --  i'll show you the road, the road lined in beautiful aspen gold. the majestic golden…
mountain road in fall - pagosa springs colorado landscape photography


276/365: ⛰️🌳around.🌳every.corner🌳⛰️ around every corner of this mountain road a new set of beauty unfolds in front of my eyes. the colors, the contrasts, the air, the deep blue sky, the white clouds - it makes me feel alive. photo…
Fall in Pagosa Springs Colorado


275/365: mountain.road🏞️ the dirt mountain roads lead the way for the adventurer thru glimmering golden aspens and strong ponderosa pines... offering full immersion into nature and wildlife. feeling at home, at one with mother nature -…
Colorado Landscape Photography


51/365: collide til our world's collide, i'm here forever until i'll find you and signs on my side, i'll wait forever i know i'll find you i will find a way --- some days, some months, some moments are harder then others to wait…
Colorado Landscape Photography

The Arrival

5/365: The Arrival Greeted by a sea of rolling white puffy clouds. Cows grazing the food rich meadows. Mountains turning shades of gold, red and orange. The air so crisp and fresh you can feel it in your soul. An open road... ready for…
Lost Among The Trees - Aspen Trees + Pine Trees

Lost Among The Trees | Aspen + Pine

314/366: Lost Among The Trees | Aspen + Pine Another version of my 'Lost Among The Trees' series this time featuring the Aspen Trees and Pine Trees in Colorado during the fall season. I love in this photo how the trees share the land, they…
Lost Among The Trees - Colorado Aspen in Fall

Lost Among The Trees - Colorado Aspen (fall)

308/366: Lost Among The Trees – Colorado Aspen The fall version of Lost Among the Trees with the Aspens in Colorado.  Every place I visit I do this style of photograph with the local trees in the area.  This one features the Aspen trees…
Colorado Fall Colors

The Big Picture - Colorado in Fall

305/366: The Big Picture - Colorado in Fall I typically like to be in the mountain, among the trees, with the wildlife - but sometimes I enjoy taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture can be so beautiful, so…
Aspen Trees in Fall Colors

Golden Leaf Road

303/366: Golden Leaf Road Take me back to the golden lined roads Where thousands of leafs flap in cool crisp wind Take me back to the rows of white timber bark Where thousands of Aspen Trees make a golden gleam Take me back to beautiful…
Fourmile Falls Colorado

Finding Peace - Fourmile Falls Colorado

300/366: Finding Peace - Fourmile Falls Colorado So often we live our life for someone else. Making sacrifices to the point at which we become resentful.  Only when we begin to look outside ourselves, examine what truly makes us happy - do…
Golden Aspen in Colorado

Aspen Glow

297/366: Aspen Glow As you pull around the corner the sky begins to glow, an Aspen glow, a golden glow.. and in that moment you know you are in the middle of a golden forest of beautiful and shimmering Aspen Trees. The white bark sticks out…
Fall in Colorado - The Painted Mountainside

The Painted Mountainside

294/366: The Painted Mountainside As we drove further into the mountain, the hillside and valley became painted with vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. The painted mountainside lite up with beauty as far as the eye could see. The colors…
Forest of Aspen Trees in Colorado

Into The Forest (of Aspen)

291/366: Into The Forest (of Aspen) As most of you already know, I love Aspen trees. I love their stark white bark with spots of darkness. I love their leaves in all seasons, especially fall. This fall I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado…
Fall 3 Year Old Birthday

Fall Birthday Photo Shoot

290/366: Fall Birthday Photo Shoot This adorable little girl spent part of her birthday morning posing for a photo shoot. Since it was her birthday, I decided to carve a number 3 into one of the pumpkins. I love fall photos shoots and making…
Golden Aspen Tree Leaves of Fall

The Golden Aspen Tree Leaves of Fall

285/366: The Golden Aspen Tree Leaves of Fall I can almost hear the soft rustling of the golden aspen leaves like thousands of fluttering butterfly wings. One of my goals for going to Colorado in the fall was to capture the Golden Aspen Tree…
Window Falls Hanging Rock State Park NC

Window Falls

266/366: Window Falls Happy first day of fall... Enjoy a glimpse though Window Falls at Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina. This was a beautiful area to photograph and I enjoyed hiking it with my wonderful niece.  The cave was cool…
Fall Leaf Colors

Ready for Fall

230/366: Ready for Fall I don't know about you, but I'm more then ready for Fall to arrive. So much so, that I went looking for older photos of beautiful leaves showing their fall colors and I found this hidden treasure which I had never posted…