Lego Land in Texas

Lego Land Leave Your Mark

21/366: Lego Land Leave Your Mark Wherever you go leave your mark, leave your influence, leave your best.
Male mallard duck at pond

Mr. Duck

20/366: Mr. Duck Mr. Duck goes for a walk outside the pond.
railroad crossing sign at sunrise

Industry in the Morning

19/366: Industry in the Morning Industry is just walking up, the train bells ring and the sirens shout.  Wake up wake up.
Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA

18/366: Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA The prospect of censorship should make you cringe. Fight against censorship.
grass growing between cracks on stone path

Peeks and Valleys

17/366: Peeks and Valleys We all have peeks and valleys.  The peeks keep us alive and the valleys bring us back to reality.
Happy Birthday Josh

Happy Birthday Joshua

16/366: Happy Birthday Joshua A mosaic of Josh's 7th birthday.  What a fun day.  He is growing into such a great young man.
Pink rose in full bloom


15/366: Remembrance In remembrance of grandma Conrad.  May you rest in peace.
sun shining through the trees

Let Your Light Shine

14/366: Let Your Light Shine No matter where you go or what you do, let your light shine
barrel of apricots

Orange Crush

13/366: Orange Crush Color is everywhere. Can you find all the colors of the rainbow as you make your way today.
dog looking at camera

Hello World

12/366: Hello World Skippy says hello world.
Angel Wings in the clouds

Angel Wings In Memory of Great-Ma-Ma

11/366: Angel Wings In Memory of Great-Ma-Ma I saw these angel wings in the clouds on my way home from work.  Felt like grandma Conrad was letting me know she is happy and content.
the phases of eating breakfast cereal

Breakfast Shovel Slurp Repeat

10/366: Breakfast Shovel Slurp Repeat The phase of eating breakfast cereal. Shovel Slurp Repeat
rain droplets on sunroof of car

Rainy Day Monday

9/366: Rainy Day Monday Rain droplets collect on my sunroof on a rainy day Monday
kids play with magnets

Family Fun Magnets

8/366: Family Fun Magnets Had some family fun time today playing with magnets
Snausages dog treats

In Memory of Zoe... Snausages

7/366: In Memory of Zoe... Snausages One of Zoe's favorite dog treats were snausages.  She love them so much.
berries on a plant

Stick Together

6/366: Stick Together Berries stick together on a plant.  Always stick together with those who love you, stand strong and give them the benefit of the doubt.
tree standing tall

Stand Tall

5/366: Stand Tall Stand tall in all you do. Stand proud and strong.  Do not give in to the weaknesses that surround you.
wooden duck figurine

In Memory of Mr. Duck

4/366: In Memory of Mr. Duck Mr. Duck passed over the rainbow bridge.  I will never forget you.
lone tree in the country

My Mind

3/366: My Mind At times my mind feels like a lone tree in the country.
Gatorade bucket at football game


2/366: Victory A Gatorade bath is the sure sign of victory.
Green grass at the beginning of spring

New Beginnings

1/366 (2012): New Beginnings The start of 365 photo project brings lots of New Beginnings.