Light at Lake Grapevine


19/365: see. that moment when you can clearly see the light. when you can perfectly breath and everything seems flawless with the world... again. Spent part of the afternoon out at Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine, enjoying a picnic lunch,…
Lake Grapevine Long Exposure in the fog


18/365: 6am. for the last eight days (+), i've felt insane, i see my hands shake, when i lost control, the undertow, of slowly getting old - then i heard your voice, i see my choice, and i'm a stronger (wo)man - so let's build this up,…
Lake Grapevine Long Exposure in the Fog


15/365: light. even if it makes me blind - i just want to see the light. breathing, leave it all behind - i just want to see the light. I adventured out to Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine this afternoon to refresh, re-balance and do…
Long Exposure Photography

Faded Meets Color

2/365: Faded Meets Color In this long exposure photo taken a few weeks ago at Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine I have titled 'Faded Meets Color.' The faded solitude of the lake water meets the colorful beach party of the rocks, to blend into…
lake hefner lighthouse okc


364/366: Beacon n | a source of light or inspiration. Beacons can be found anywhere and in anything.. in all situations and experiences. Beacons are auroras of hope and encouragement we all seek at different times in our lives. Beacons…
Long Exposure of Murrell Park at Lake Grapevine


361/366: Prana n | used to refer to the energy that flows through all matter in the universe. When taking this photo I crawled under this fallen tree's brush in order to get the correct composition and line the sun up with the further out…
Light Painting With The Supermoon

Light Painting With The Supermoon

320/366: Light Painting With The Supermoon After being able to spend some more time with the photographs I took last night of the Supermoon, this is my favorite of all from last night. As I said in yesterday's post - I was struggling with…
Long Exposure Supermoon over Lake Grapevine

The Supermoon

319/366: The Supermoon I went out with a friend to photograph the supermoon this evening. It was difficult to decide which lens and focal range to use. I started out shooting tight and then went to what I love, shooting wide and long exposure.…
The Milky Way over Pagosa Springs Colorado

The Edge of Life

306/366: The Edge of Life We're standing on the edge If we leave it all behind tonight And let our hearts kept lost Tomorrow could be paradise Just let it go And close our eyes Cause we're standing on the edge Yeah we're standing on…
Heron Lake State Park New Mexico

Heron Lake State Park

292/366: Heron Lake State Park On a recent road trip we stopped for lunch at Heron Lake State Park in New Mexico and what a picturesque moment appeared when we arrived and found our lunch spot.  The lake was calm, no wind, which was surprising...…
Pine Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville

Pilot Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville

252/366: Pilot Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville Took the opportunity this past weekend to finally check out Pilot Knoll Park in Highland Village on Lake Lewisville.  I had never been to this park and I think we may have found a new local campground.…
chasing clouds murrell park flower mound

Chasing Clouds

251/366: Chasing Clouds When I woke up this morning and saw the beautiful clouds, I knew I would have to go chasing clouds this afternoon. The lower level clouds were moving at such a rapid pace while the upper level clouds were almost standing…