Heron Lake State Park New Mexico

Heron Lake State Park

292/366: Heron Lake State Park On a recent road trip we stopped for lunch at Heron Lake State Park in New Mexico and what a picturesque moment appeared when we arrived and found our lunch spot.  The lake was calm, no wind, which was surprising...…
Pine Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville

Pilot Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville

252/366: Pilot Knoll Park on Lake Lewisville Took the opportunity this past weekend to finally check out Pilot Knoll Park in Highland Village on Lake Lewisville.  I had never been to this park and I think we may have found a new local campground.…
chasing clouds murrell park flower mound

Chasing Clouds

251/366: Chasing Clouds When I woke up this morning and saw the beautiful clouds, I knew I would have to go chasing clouds this afternoon. The lower level clouds were moving at such a rapid pace while the upper level clouds were almost standing…