Williams Creek Reservoir - Long Exposure

the collector.

177/365: the collector. ⛰️ "i don't want to be a collector of things, i want to be a collector of memories." -me Photo taken at Williams Creek Reservoir in Colorado. 📷EXIF 6.0 seconds f/11 ISO 31 14mm ⚙️Gear Nikon D810 Nikkor…
williams creek reservoir - colorado

moving on.

163/365: 🚗moving on.⛰️ And when i'm gone, it won't be long 'til i'm i'm coming home, i'm moving on with you. #lyrics williams creek reservoir in Colorado, shot last summer. i'm ready to get back to this place of peace and relaxation. 📷EXIF 1/125  seconds f/8 ISO…
Black and White Landscape of Colorado


53/365: pace "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience" - Ralph Waldo Emerson something i need to remember today. Photo taken around Pagosa Springs, Colorado this past fall. EXIF 1/160 seconds f/8 ISO 100 24mm Gear Nikon D810 Nikkor…
Colorado Sunset

gold skies

29/365: gold skies captivated in your cold eyes we will forever be faded under gold skies. coming up, cut me down, look at all the stuff we found touch the sun, feel me now, we will live forever. i miss the mountains. Photo taken…
Million Dollar Highway Mountains

don't live static

12/365: don't live static don't live a life of static, boring existence - with lack of purpose or love. Life is more then who we are, it is more then we understand - Adventure, Explore - Discover, Expand, Learn, Teach - Do something. don't…
Colorado Landscape Photography

The Arrival

5/365: The Arrival Greeted by a sea of rolling white puffy clouds. Cows grazing the food rich meadows. Mountains turning shades of gold, red and orange. The air so crisp and fresh you can feel it in your soul. An open road... ready for…
Million Dollar Highway - Durange to Silverton

Safe In The Steep Cliffs

363/366: Safe In The Steep Cliffs Safe in the steep cliffs is where I want to be.. Away from the noise which speaks so loud... Photo taken in Colorado on the Million Dollar Highway between Durango and Silverton this past Summer. I needed…
Fourmile Falls, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Mountain Mist

355/366: Mountain Mist The mountain mist fell towards my camera in this shot of Fourmile Falls in Pagosa Springs Colorado this past fall. It was a windy afternoon and the water was misting in all different directions even giving us a shower…
Into The Forest

Into The Forest

333/366: Into The Forest Into the forest I will go to lose my mind and find my soul. See you in 3 days world.
Mesa Verde National Park Colorado - Alien Vortex Skies

Mesa Verde National Park Colorado - Alien Skies

327/366: Mesa Verde National Park Colorado - Alien Skies This photo was taken at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. The wispy clouds in the sky make me think of aliens and their possible assistance in the creation of the Puebloan Indian…
West Fork Valley Overlook Colorado

West Fork Valley Overlook

322/366: West Fork Valley Overlook West Fork Valley Overlook just outside Pagosa Springs Colorado. This is a 3 photo panoramic shot looking down into the valley which is covered with Ponderosa Pines and Aspen trees. The view was stunning,…
Fourmile Falls Trail Colorado

The Road Less Traveled

296/366: The Road Less Traveled Sometimes we have to follow the road less traveled... adventure on were most turn around. See what is on the other side of the mountain, broaden our view of life and existence. Only when we are afraid to die…