Pagosa Springs Colorado - Milky Way

earth day | milky way

112/365: earth day | milky way in honor of earth day i have decided to share one of my all-time favorite milky way photos taken in the fall of 2016 in pagosa springs, colorado. however, i believe that everyday should be 'earth day' and we should…
Colorado Bend State Park Long Exposure Night Sky Photography

chaos theory

13/365: chaos theory chaos | when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. wHen wE FeEL chAOs HOW dO we reACT.... do we inhale the chaos? do we abandon ourselves? do…
The Milky Way over Pagosa Springs Colorado 2016

Take My Breath Away

3/365: Take My Breath Away ...But I still get butterflies, When I see you start to smile. It's not every breath we take, It's the moments that take our breath away. You take my breath away. Photo taken this past fall in Pagosa Springs…
Colorado Bend State Park Long Exposure Night Photography

Spinning Into The New Year

366/366: Spinning Into The New Year Let's spin into 2017. Another 365 Photo Project is completed today. This year has provided some amazing growth with my photography, knowledge and equipment. I want to thank everyone who has supported this…
Colorado Bend State Park Night Photography - Reload


354/366: Reload When the night become the day They're sending you far away So so far away When everything start to fade You don't have to be afraid No you don't have to be afraid Take my hand and Reload This is free love That's what…
Flower Mound Senior Photo Shoot

Shooting For The Stars

347/366: Shooting For The Stars Had an amazing Flower Mound senior photo shoot this afternoon with Carson. I love the ability to be creative during senior photo shoots... to truly capture the essence of the person at this important time in…
Light Painting in Colorado Bend State Park

Call Me A Spaceman

344/366: Call Me A Spaceman Through the milky way In my spaceship At the speed of light I'm gonna make it I know you've been expecting me Turn on the camera's take another scene [hardwell] I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and…
Wandering - Colorado Bend State Park


341/366: Wanderlust noun | a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. Wandered around Colorado Bend State Park for 3 lustful days. Exploring, adventuring, discovering, finding, lusting, stargazing, milky way crashing, waterfall…
Colorado Bend State Park Star Trails

Galactic Light Show

340/366: Galactic Light Show The first night at Colorado Bend State Park I enjoyed the fun of a new moon. The lack of light provided a galactic light show which I was able to capture with my camera. The stars shine the brightest on the darkest…
Light Painting with the Stars

Light Painting With The Stars

338/366: Light Painting With The Stars Three days in the woods, finding myself again. Days of hiking - exploring - adventuring, waiting to see what is around the next corner. Evenings of conversation, companionship, connecting and light painting…
Pagosa Springs Colorado Sunset

In The Shadows of Darkness

331/366: In The Shadows of Darkness In the shadows of darkness lurks our deepest fears, our anxious desires, and our secret addictions. Appearing everyday not matter what we do, the shadows of darkness take our souls and feed it to the few. Photo…
Milky Way Reflections

Milky Way Reflections

329/366: Milky Way Reflections Milky Way Reflections in my soul Helping to always make me whole. Dreams so out of this world, One day I won't be fooled... Nature, Nature... Feed my soul. Nature, Nature... Fill that hole. Photo taken…