moon over the ocean - panama city beach florida - long exposure photograhpy

🌔moon over ocean🌊

332/365: 🌔moon over ocean🌊 captured this photo of the moon shinning over the ocean after driving 14 hours from texas to panama beach city florida and still being wired on mountain dew. i was not expecting the moon to photograph in…
Panama City Beach Star Trails and Fine Art Night Photography

🕑2 hours + the beach🌊

320/365: 🕑2 hours + the beach🌊 the beach is a beautiful experience during the day, but it can be even more majestic at night - in the dark.  mixing my love of light painting with my love of star trails this capture represents a two hour…
Panama City Beach - Half Hitch Pier - Florida Fine Art Landscape Photography


311/365: 👀looked.into⬅️ “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” – Ansel Adams it has been on my bucket list to capture a pier going out into⬅️the ocean🌊. i couldn't  have asked for a better subject,…