Radio Flyer pumpkin wagon

Radio Flyer

304/365: Radio Flyer Love the Radio Flyer wagons at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. Good for pumpkins of all sizes.
Radio Flyer Wagon

Broken Dreams

303/365: Broken Dreams Broken dreams, broken fears Highs not reached Flights not believed Wants confused with needs.
pumpkin patch


302/365: Unique Be unique. Stand out. Find your crowd. And don't back down. To be apart. Or a part? Which is the best way. To live smart?
blackberry bush


301/365: Growth Growth can be defined by many different measurements... color, size, length, height, width, change.. My favorite measurement for growth is progress.  As long as I'm making progress, I am continuing to grow - to learn - and…
firepit sparks


300/365: Sparks Glowing,  incandescent particle. Free flying, wind blown. Where you land is unknown. Carry the light. To new highs. Sparking a fire within. New life, new light. Hope finds, a side of bright.
horse eye reflection

Everything We Do

299/365: Everything We Do Everything we do is reflected on to someone or something.
stop sign


298/365: Stop Odd shape, Escape. Stop. Stop. Racing, chasing, craving.. Stop. Cracks, bends, chips... Stop.
washed out colors

Washed Out

297/365: Washed Out Washed out, lights out.. faded colors Contrast blur, emerging hues... my mind needs rescued Missing the bright from the light Vibrance and saturation... It's a colorful world...


296/365: Waiting Waiting for a light that never comes The nights go on Waiting for a light that never comes I chase the sun Waiting for a light that never comes


295/365: Ladder A series of ascending stages by which someone or something may advance or progress. At times progress seems slow, or even reversed. The ladder of progress invisible to most. How to climb, when pain over comes... How to push…

Pipe Dreams

294/365: Pipe Dreams Pipe dreams fill my mind An illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story... A time to run free Be who I want to be.
birthday cake

Birthday Cake

293/365: Birthday Cake Celebrated my birthday today with mom and dad.  Got to eat my yummy cake from Baskin Robins.
glass door reflection

Glass Doors

292/365: Glass Doors If we all lived with glass doors, what would your reflection show? Do you hide behind the white picket fence, only to abhorred behind the door? Let the inside reflect the outside and stop hiding who you are. Live your…
music guitars


291/365: Music Music fills our souls, it cries our tears and it pushes us to achieve. A song can bring you down, or lift you up. Push you to feel or make you numb. Our lives create a playlist from year to year Bringing us back to a time…


290/365: Knowledge Knowledge is power.  It can lead us down a path of hope and honor or it can lead us down a path or greed and corruption.
antique wood

Antique Wood

289/365: Antique Wood If these pieces of wood could talk, oh what a story they would tell.  Stories of bravery, pride, deception, loyalty, love, rage.... stories of life.
October 15 2013

October 15

288/365: October 15 Enjoying a wonderful October 15 th. Thanks to all who helped make it special! :)  
Gwenn Neth

Portrait Photography

287/365: Portrait Photography I haven't done much portrait photography, but I had fun this weekend doing a photo shoot of Gwenn.. they say practice makes perfect.  I think I did pretty good, of course, I had a great model!  I used my Nikon…
candle fire


286/365: Fire Fire.. it burns within our souls It molds and scorns It drives us to new ambitions, new territory.. It is for the wicked and the holy How you handle fire, will determine your fate, your destiny.
Cathy and Gwenn Neth

Birthday Date Night

285/365: Birthday Date Night Gwenn and I got all dressed up to go out to dinner for my birthday date.  It was nice to be able to fit into my old dress clothes again [thank you CrossFit].  The meal at TruLucks in Southlake was one of the best…
tree on a mountain


284/365: Layers Layers of earth Layers of stone Keep us upright Keep us tone Help us from falling Out of the sky Timber Earth moves Life shake Please God, Give me a break!
sunrise in Texas

Sunrise - A New Day

283/365: Sunrise - A New Day The sunrise marks the start of a new day. A new beginning. Clearing of the air. Breath of fresh air.