Photos Showing Perspective


Las Vegas buildings light up the sky at night

Colors and Lights

88/365: Colors and Lights Colors and lights shine brightly on this Las Vegas building at night.  The way the glass windows gleam with color and the blue line brings your eye straight up to the dark night sky.
building with symmetrical lines

Symmetrical Lines and Perspective

87/365: Symmetrical Lines Symmetrical lines are inclusive in much of architecture.  Take a look around at the buildings that surround you, do you see lines, leading lines.  The lines can make the perception of an object look like it is…
Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas Perception

Building Perception

86/365: Building Perception Perception can be a state of mind, a feeling, a view, a look - perception comes in many different forms, our interpretation from our different senses can cause each to perceive situations differently.  How we…
Valley of Fire State Park Nevada Road

Follow Me

70/365: Follow Me Follow me into another world. Follow me down an abandoned road. Follow me where every I go.
White Chair in a spotlight


35/365: Spotlight When the spotlight is on you. Make it count, make them proud. Handle yourself with class and grace.
symmetrical lines on stone path

Stone Path

14/365: Stone Path Is your path straight or curved? Colored or black and white? Look closely at the details, the story it will tell.  Who has been here before and where it will go.
Hotwheels in a line


7/365: Standout Standout in a crowd.  Be unique.  Be an individual.  Be you!
Train Show

Special Time at Train Show

5/365: Special Time at Train Show I got the opportunity to spend the day at a train show with my father.  It was a great time and I really enjoyed the special time we had together and learning more about trains.
Ice on a tree branch

Signs Of Winter

363/366: Signs Of Winter Sure signs of winter when ice is sticking to trees and branches.
Young boy opens google chromebook for christmas

Christmas Eve Present

359/366: Christmas Eve Present As a kid I was always allowed to open any present I selected on Christmas Eve before church.  We carried this tradition on with Josh... Today he selected the 'big green wrapped present' from his moms!  As he…
Tree against the blue sky


341/366: Path Everything in life has paths to choose from, choose well.
Zebra animal


323/366: Zebra Can a zebra change its stripes? Can a person change who they are? Can we learn to laugh and love? Can we dream to be more then who we are? Can we find ourselves in mirror of reflections? Can we stop before we are out of…
Sky through the sunroof of a car

Life Through Shades

314/366: Life Through Shades Sometimes when we look at life through shades, we miss the most vibrant parts.
Mushrom from buttom perspective


299/366: Perspective Life experiences give us all different perspectives, God gives us free will -  Do you choose to see the beauty in life or the nuisance?
Color fall trees on a country road

Two Roads Diverged

297/366: Two Roads Diverged Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost
Boardwalk to the beach

Shoes Optional

234/366: Shoes Optional Where the toes meet the sand, shoes are optional.
Seaside Florida beach access

Walkway To Heaven

233/366: Walkway To Heaven Located in Seaside Florida ... this poses the illusion of a walkway to the heavens.
Rain drops on a car

Rain... Finally

219/366: Rain... Finally Texas rain ... finally.
Kids rings set for swingset

Ninja Warrior

218/366: Ninja Warrior Since we have a gymnast in the family, the swing set equipment has been upgraded to rings and a trapeze bar.  He may be a future Ninja Warrior.
looking up at a tree

Room For Growth

199/366: Room For Growth Even with a full life, there is always room for growth.
mushrooms in a field

Mushroom Mania

195/366: Mushroom Mania Figure it out Friday: Drove past these gorgeous looking mushrooms on my way to work.  Can anyone tell me what kind of mushrooms they are?
person wearing sanuk's

Happy Feet II

180/366: Happy Feet II There are 2 things in this photo that make me very happy.  My Sanuks and my ducks.  Happy feet II.