Photos Showing Perspective


Long Exposure Photography at Lake Grapevine


30/365: crack. v | break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts. at times in life there will be cracks which can cause separation, disengagement and detachment - it is our choice to either mend those cracks or to…
The Chapel of Thanksgiving - Downdown Dallas


27/365: inward chaotic. restlessness. confused. selfish. hurtful. mean. ungrateful. conceded - all words which used to characterize me seven years and one day ago. seven years ago, i began the journey of self acceptance, the journey inward.…
Long Exposure of Cliffs at Lake Grapevine


25/365: beam. This morning when I woke up and saw the clouds, stepped outside and felt the cool breeze, I knew I would have to find some time to make it out to the lake. After several morning appointments, I found the time and was it ever worth…

fire and ice

24/365: fire and ice "This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Thoreau long exposure shot of the sunset after the storms we had last weekend. the sky, in one small location, lit up like fire in a delicate shade of red. i was lucky…
flower mound construction site

lot 20.

22/365: lot 20. "the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." - Thoreau here sits lot 20 of a new housing development. a lot which used to be abundantly filled with beautiful old oak trees, meandering cows and donkeys. it…
Long Exposure Sunset on Lake Grapevine


21/365: faded. spur of the moment trip out to Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine to catch the sunset. the clouds were too low for amazing colors, but i had fun with capturing this long exposure in the low light of the sunset. the clouds are mesmerizing…
portrait of within


14/365: within. you cannot be everything to everybody. you can only be who you are within. we can exhaust ourselves pleasing others in the way they expect us to behave. in the end you only lose who are you within.
Boy - I Can Change The World

Change The World

11/365: Change The World Our future is bright if we keep believing 'I can change the world.' No matter who you are - young or old, male or female, black or white - just believe, with excitement, with freedom of mind and with innocence. I…
Long Exposure Photography

Faded Meets Color

2/365: Faded Meets Color In this long exposure photo taken a few weeks ago at Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine I have titled 'Faded Meets Color.' The faded solitude of the lake water meets the colorful beach party of the rocks, to blend into…
Composed Stillness at Lake Grapevine

Composed Stillness

357/366: Composed Stillness in this moment it forced me to be in a state of composed stillness... even for just 59 seconds. I can say for a moment today... my mind was quiet. Photo taken out a Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine this afternoon…
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth - KAWS - Companion

KAWS - Companion

349/366: KAWS - Companion I discovered an artist named KAWS a few weeks ago and got my mind stimulated/awakened by his sculptures and the vast interpretation each can leave the viewer with, depending on there life perspective. It made me…
Flower Mound Senior Photo Shoot

Shooting For The Stars

347/366: Shooting For The Stars Had an amazing Flower Mound senior photo shoot this afternoon with Carson. I love the ability to be creative during senior photo shoots... to truly capture the essence of the person at this important time in…
KAWS at the Modern Art Museum - Clean Slate

KAWS at the Modern Art Museum - Clean Slate

337/366: KAWS at the Modern Art Museum - Clean Slate Spent part of the afternoon enjoying the amazing art work of KAWS. I was deeply touch by his work and his story, observing how his work changed from year to year as his life also changed...…
Circle Rock in Creek

Adventures Off The Path

330/366: Adventures Off The Path Had a local adventure today - off the path. Exploring different parts of local parks I have never seen, getting caught in a few thorns, almost falling in the water and capturing some unique nature photos -…
Hornets Nest in Tree

The Hornets Nest

323/366: The Hornets Nest On a recent road trip in Colorado, we were parked shooting some Aspen Tree photos when my son looked up and discovered this magnificent hornets nest. We sat in awe at the beauty of the design and then drove off. Photo…
Lake Heron State Park - New Mexico

Reflections We See

317/366: Reflections We See The reflections that we see, are unique to you and me. What I see in this photograph, is different from what you see.. all shaped by our perceptions, our environment and our surroundings. Photo taken with my…
Lost Among The Trees - Aspen Trees + Pine Trees

Lost Among The Trees | Aspen + Pine

314/366: Lost Among The Trees | Aspen + Pine Another version of my 'Lost Among The Trees' series this time featuring the Aspen Trees and Pine Trees in Colorado during the fall season. I love in this photo how the trees share the land, they…
Palo Duro Canyon Old Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

309/366: The Greenhouse While hiking parts of Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas we came across what I believe to be was an old falling down greenhouse. I love old falling part buildings out in the middle of no where. They bring one back…
Lost Among The Trees - Colorado Aspen in Fall

Lost Among The Trees - Colorado Aspen (fall)

308/366: Lost Among The Trees – Colorado Aspen The fall version of Lost Among the Trees with the Aspens in Colorado.  Every place I visit I do this style of photograph with the local trees in the area.  This one features the Aspen trees…
Colorado Fall Colors

The Big Picture - Colorado in Fall

305/366: The Big Picture - Colorado in Fall I typically like to be in the mountain, among the trees, with the wildlife - but sometimes I enjoy taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture can be so beautiful, so…
Mesa Verde National Park - Cliff Palace Panorama

Mesa Verde National Park - Cliff Palace Panorama

298/366: Mesa Verde National Park - Cliff Palace Panorama How does one build a palace in the cliff-side? Unknown. Where can you find a palace carved into a cliff-side? Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado What a mind-blowing site to see..…
Fourmile Falls Trail Colorado

The Road Less Traveled

296/366: The Road Less Traveled Sometimes we have to follow the road less traveled... adventure on were most turn around. See what is on the other side of the mountain, broaden our view of life and existence. Only when we are afraid to die…