Plant Photos


blackberry bush berry

Blackberry Bush Berry

237/365: Blackberry Bush Berry We have the start of our first berry from our blackberry bushes that we planted this past spring.  So exciting!
Mario Toad finds Home

Toad Finds A Home

229/365: Toad Finds A Home The Mario character Toad finds a home in our backyard on this giant mushroom.
Mushrooms in New Hampshire


226/365: Shrooms We came across these awesome orange mushrooms when exploring around Mount Washington State Park in New Hampshire.  I love how the orange contrasts against the brightly colored green moss and mini plants.
tiny plant sprout

Tiny Plant Sprout

202/365: Tiny Plant Sprout This plant which we have named George always amazes me.  It seems as if he hibernates in the winter and then comes to life in the Spring/Summer. Reminds me to never give up hope and always believe.
Leaf Footed Bug

Leaf Footed Bug - Upclose

199/365: Leaf Footed Bug - Upclose Close up view of the Leaf Footed Bug enjoying the cucumber plant leaves in the garden.  The bright red is amazing and you can see his black eyes! Such amazing detail.
mushroom in lawn

Mushroom UFO

196/365: Mushroom UFO This mushroom in the shape of a UFO has landed in our backyard.  I don't remember any other year where we have had as many mushroom invade.  A sign of something?
burpless hybrid cucumber

Homegrown Cucumbers

179/365: Homegrown Cucumbers We picked the first group of burpless hybrid cucumbers from our home garden.  This one is 16 inches in length and will be prefect for pickling. How big is your cucumber? :)
plants on a fence

Perspective and Color

158/365: Perspective and Color I really liked the perspective, color and depth of field in this photo.  The color contrast of the green on the dull wood fence is also eye pleasing.  Reminds me to always look for a positive perspective on…
fresh cherry tomato from the garden

Fresh Cherry Tomato

157/365: Fresh Cherry Tomato I picked our first vegetable from our first garden today, a fresh cherry tomato.  We decided to eat it right away... it was like an explosion of flavor overtook my mouth. Next year I think we will need to expand…
Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus


155/365: Cactus I had fun playing with different types of ways to photography this Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus cactus. The first shot was from last Tuesday.  This was taken from an upper perspective and has a  white vinaigrette added that…
red ant on a leaf

Red Ant On A Leaf

150/365: Red Ant On A Leaf I was in the backyard the other day looking to photograph nature from  different perspectives.  I saw this vine intruding from our neighbor and running across our fence.  As I looked closer I could see a colony…

The Mushroom

149/365: The Mushroom After the recent rains we have had, our garden area under the big tree has been overwhelmed with mushrooms popping up.  They usually wilt away in the afternoon sun. This mushroom was fun to photography, as the bright…
Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus

Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus

148/365: Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus The Mammillaria Pringlei Cactus has curved golden spines usually densely covered.  It bears rings of abundant cerise flowers in spring and often again in autumn.  After many years, it forms slightly…
close up view of a vine

Circle Of Life

146/365: Circle Of Life The circle of life exists in all realms of nature.  We must experience life to the fullest each and every day, we never know when the circle will catch up with us.
Bamboo Plants

Look Through The Bamboo

51/365: Look Through The Bamboo Look through the bamboo curtain, what do you find?
Planting an avocado seed

Planting a Seed

286/366: Planting a Seed Figure it out Friday: What type of plant will this seed turn into? Answer: Avocado
plants wind blown

Wind Blown

171/366: Wind Blown We all get a little wind blown every once in a while.  What counts is if you stand back up or continue to fall down.
cactus drinking some water

Thirst Quencher

107/366: Thirst Quencher Theme week: Nature This cactus enjoyed the rain to quench its thirst.  Are you thirsty in life?
plant sticking up above the rest

Over Achiever

33/366: Over Achiever This little plant is clearly an over achiever compared to his relatives.
Flap Jack plant with water droplet


22/366: Thirst Flap Jack holds its water and waits for the thirst to become overwhelming before taking a sip.
berries on a plant

Stick Together

6/366: Stick Together Berries stick together on a plant.  Always stick together with those who love you, stand strong and give them the benefit of the doubt.