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Derek Holland and Rangers Win

Derek Holland and Rangers Win

274/366: Derek Holland and Rangers Win Derek Holland and the Rangers won their last home game of the regular season.  It was exciting to watch and even more exciting that my favorite player won.
Texas Rangers Rained Out

Texas Rangers - Rained Out

273/366: Texas Rangers - Rained Out Gwenn and I were all ready to battle the rain to watch the Texas Rangers play, unfortunately the Rangers were not.  Game rescheduled until Sunday at 6:05pm.  Lets Go Rangers.
Dog sleeping on couch

Lazy Sunday

260/366: Lazy Sunday Lazy football Sunday.
person standing by stream in the woods

Great Weather Has Arrived

253/366: Great Weather Has Arrived Beautiful morning for a long bike/hike.  Enjoying the scenery on a quick stop.
Texas Rangers Ron Washington bobble head

Cheering with Wash

238/366: Cheering with Wash Another great Texas Rangers game with a win over the Twins 9-3.  Our free gift was a Washington bobble head.  I felt like Wash was right next to me cheering throughout the game.
Kids rings set for swingset

Ninja Warrior

218/366: Ninja Warrior Since we have a gymnast in the family, the swing set equipment has been upgraded to rings and a trapeze bar.  He may be a future Ninja Warrior.
person enjoying a Texas Rangers baseball game

Enjoying Life - Texas Rangers Style

168/366: Enjoying Life - Texas Rangers Style Texas Rangers beat the Astros 8-3.  Justin Grimm made his first MLB start and got his first MLB win!  It was a great game and great date night.  Cannot wait for the next game.
watching baseball game through hat

Through The Looking Glass

162/366: Through The Looking Glass Watching the Texas Rangers game, this was taken looking through the breather holes in my baseball cap.
Panoramic of Texas Rangers Stadium

The Bowl

148/366: The Bowl Panoramic view of the bowl from our seats at yesterdays Texas Ranger game.
Texas Rangers ballpark

Rangers in 13

147/366: Rangers in 13 Amazing finish to an amazing day with Gwenn.  Josh Hamilton walk-off 2-run home run in the bottom of the 13th.  Rangers beat Toronto 8-7.  I could not ask for more!
woman playing basketball outside

Basketball My Drug

138/366: Basketball My Drug  Some people use alcohol, some use drugs, some use TV... I use Basketball.  Nothing relaxes or clears my mind better than basketball.
person palming a basketball

March Madness

78/366: March Madness March Madness is in full swing.  One of my favorite times of the year!  Unfortunately Duke has already lost.
two dogs playing football

Puppy Bowl

65/366: Puppy Bowl Football is still in season at our house.  Skippy and Charlie are enjoying a game of football.
Duke > UNC

Duke > UNC

63/366: Duke > UNC Duke vs. UNC tonight 6pm CST.  GO DUKE
New York Giants win the superbowl

Giants Win Giants Win

37/366: Giants Win Giants Win Giants win Superbowl 46! Giants: 21 Patriots: 17... Eli Manning Superbowl MVP!
Superbowl 2012 Lets Go Giants

Superbowl XLVI Lets Go GIANTS

36/366: Superbowl XLVI Lets Go GIANTS Lets Go Giants.  This morning when I woke up Josh had decorated the living room with Giants posters!  We are all ready for the big game.. GO BIG BLUE.
NFC Champions New York Giants

NFC Champions: Victory vs. Defeat

23/366: NFC Champions: Victory vs. Defeat New York Football Giants win the NFC
Gatorade bucket at football game


2/366: Victory A Gatorade bath is the sure sign of victory.