Summer Photos


lake winnipesaukee

Summer Camp

165/365: Summer Camp Josh is officially at summer away camp for the first time. We are hoping he has a wonderful, fun-filled experience with other children just like him.  

The Pool

205/365: The Pool Spent a relaxing afternoon at the pool.   Hot day, cool water.
Summer Fruit Popsicles

Summer Fruit Popsicle

172/365: Summer Fruit Popsicle With it being the first day of Summer what better way to cool down then with a summer fruit popsicle that is good for you! 3 cups watermelon puree (about 1/4 to 1/2 a watermelon)1/2 cup fresh blackberries1/2…
Weirs Beach New Hampshire

Weirs Beach New Hampshire

203/365: Weirs Beach New Hampshire Family vacation to Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.  Was a great week of fun, exploring and many laughs.  The next week or two will have pictures highlighting our awesome vacation.  It…
relaxing in the pool


174/365: Relaxing This was a much needed weekend of doing little and relaxing a lot.
Breakfast Poolside

Breakfast Poolside

217/366: Breakfast Poolside Donuts + Coffee + Pool =  one wonderfully relaxing morning.
Person sitting by a pool

My Rock

207/366: My Rock I love this with woman more than anything else.  She is my rock, my foundation, the sparkle in my eye, my better half, my life.  I could not ask for more.  Thanks for all you are Gwenn.
Best Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Best Chocolate Ice Cream

206/366: Best Chocolate Ice Cream Gwenn made homemade chocolate ice cream, it is the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had!  Want a scoop?
people playing in a pool

Summer Battleship

190/366: Summer Battleship This is our family version of battleship in the summer.  Each person gets a raft, a variety of water squirting items and a shield.  May the best soaker win.
orange pool noodle

Orange Orange Orange

188/366: Orange Orange Orange Figure it Out Friday .... What is this orange object and when is it used?
Making a Splash in a pool

Making a Splash

187/366: Making a Splash This summer has been full of splashes and laughs.  Enjoy, life is short.
watermelon fruit bowl

A Watermelon Kind of Day

186/366: A Watermelon Kind of Day What a great 4th of July... swimming, eating, laughing, sharing, playing... all around great day.  So thankful for all I have.
cloud in the sky

The Heat is On

177/366: The Heat is On Summer weather has official arrived in Texas, with high temperatures all week in the 100+ range.  Finding a place in the shade under a cloud is a must in this heat.
person floating a pool


176/366: Float Escape from reality...
dog in kids pool

Mine mine mine mine

175/366: Mine mine mine mine Charlie: MOM make him share! Skippy: Mine mine mine mine mine Summer fun.
dog and person in pool

And the Livin's Easy

154/366: And the Livin's Easy Skippy went swimming today for the first time this summer.  Although the water was still a bit chilly, his doggie paddle looked to be in good form.  Looking forward to some summer fun.
kiwi and strawberry fruit bowl

Tastes of Summer

144/366: Tastes of Summer There is almost nothing better on a hot Texas [almost] summer day, then a bowl of fresh kiwi, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. Mouth watering...