Sunset Photos


Sunset silhouette at the lake


143/365: peace.✌️ find that place find that peace sunset silhouette at the lake. taken at murrell park on lake grapevine. 📷EXIF 1/125 seconds f/2.8 ISO 100 14mm ⚙️Gear Nikon D810 Nikkor…
long exposure sunset

a feeling.

132/365: 🖼️a feeling.🎨 something that i should tell you there's something that you should know this is just a feeling i wish it could be more. long exposure sunset photograph taken at Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. 📷EXIF 213.0 seconds f/11 ISO…
Long exposure sunset at lake - black and white

losing time

43/365: losing time took time yesterday to enjoy a beautiful sunset out at the lake. the water was so choppy that it was hard to get that smooth look, but i managed to capture this shot right after the sunlight faded into the night and time…
Long Exposure Sunset


35/365: canvas in a world full of photographers, be an artist. paint a canvas with each capture - find your unique style and expression. never settle and always #beEpic. Photo taken at sunset in Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine. EXIF 180.0 seconds f/8.0 ISO 100 14mm Gear Nikon D810 Nikkor…
Colorado Sunset

gold skies

29/365: gold skies captivated in your cold eyes we will forever be faded under gold skies. coming up, cut me down, look at all the stuff we found touch the sun, feel me now, we will live forever. i miss the mountains. Photo taken…

fire and ice

24/365: fire and ice "This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Thoreau long exposure shot of the sunset after the storms we had last weekend. the sky, in one small location, lit up like fire in a delicate shade of red. i was lucky…
Long Exposure Sunset on Lake Grapevine


21/365: faded. spur of the moment trip out to Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine to catch the sunset. the clouds were too low for amazing colors, but i had fun with capturing this long exposure in the low light of the sunset. the clouds are mesmerizing…
Flower Mound Senior Photo Shoot

Shooting For The Stars

347/366: Shooting For The Stars Had an amazing Flower Mound senior photo shoot this afternoon with Carson. I love the ability to be creative during senior photo shoots... to truly capture the essence of the person at this important time in…
Sunset in Pagosa Springs - And The Clouds Marched On

And The Clouds Marched On

332/366: And The Clouds Marched On Photograph titled 'And The Clouds Marched On' was taken in early October in Pagosa Springs Colorado with my Nikon D810 and Lee Filters Big Stopper for an exposure time of 82 seconds at f/11, ISO 100 - 14…
Pagosa Springs Colorado Sunset

In The Shadows of Darkness

331/366: In The Shadows of Darkness In the shadows of darkness lurks our deepest fears, our anxious desires, and our secret addictions. Appearing everyday not matter what we do, the shadows of darkness take our souls and feed it to the few. Photo…
Black and White Sunset in Colorado

The Light

324/366: The Light Within the darkness there is always the light. Shining bright through the darkened sky. - the light - the light Keeps us warm at night. On the coldest days. - the light - the light Search always for the light. Photo…
Stormy Sunset in Pagosa Springs Colorado

Stormy Sunset

315/366: Stormy Sunset The sky lite up like a fireball as the storm clouds echoed the color red as the sunset over Village Lake in Pagosa Springs Colorado. What a sight it was to see and watch. It was beautiful as the clouds rolled by and…