Symmetrical Line Photos


Looking Up Fight Through

Fight Through

259/365: Fight Through Last night I experienced the worst pain in my back and leg since being released from the hospital.  Not only was i fighting the pain,  i was having chills and sweats and could not seem to get warm.  I was scared. I…
architecture symmetry

Architecture Symmetry

362/365: Architecture Symmetry I love taking photos which show perfect Architecture Symmetry.  It gives me a sense of calm and perfection.  This photo was taken inside the local Barnes and Noble.
shadows and lines art

Shadows and Lines

325/365: Shadows and Lines This is an art sculpture in a local park.  I converted it to black and white and brought out some of the shadows and lines.
air filter lines


310/365: Lines Symmetry. Lines. Order. Art. Beauty. Everywhere. Just. Look.


295/365: Ladder A series of ascending stages by which someone or something may advance or progress. At times progress seems slow, or even reversed. The ladder of progress invisible to most. How to climb, when pain over comes... How to push…
music guitars


291/365: Music Music fills our souls, it cries our tears and it pushes us to achieve. A song can bring you down, or lift you up. Push you to feel or make you numb. Our lives create a playlist from year to year Bringing us back to a time…
sunglasses reflections


275/365: Reflecting Reflecting on life. The big, the small. Accounting for all. When I look in the mirror. Who is it I see, Looking back at me? A smile, a wink - The cover of underneath. Fleeting fear. Replaced again when life…
blurred lines
Lake Winnipesaukee


223/365: Serenity The serene and tranquil views on Lake Winnipesaukee ease the mind and soul.  Just looking back at the pictures brings me a sense of peace and serenity.  
Weirs Beach Railroad track

Train Tracks

221/365: Train Tracks Train tracks form symmetrical lines leading the eye to follow them into the photography until they disappear into the unknown. Photo taken at Weirs Beach New Hampshire
Cog Railway Tracks

Destination Unknown

215/365: Destination Unknown Take the risk, enjoy the view Follow along on life's beautiful hues. Photo taken from the summit of Mount Washington, looking down the Cog Railway tracks.
fence lines

Fence Lines

168/365: Fence Lines There are some lines in life that once crossed one can never return.
Baseball field grass

The Grass

101/365: The Grass The Grass isn't always greener on the other side.  Sometimes it is just as green.  Which could be good or bad.  Make decisions wisely, when risk is involved ask yourself -  in the end, it is worth it.
building with symmetrical lines

Symmetrical Lines and Perspective

87/365: Symmetrical Lines Symmetrical lines are inclusive in much of architecture.  Take a look around at the buildings that surround you, do you see lines, leading lines.  The lines can make the perception of an object look like it is…
Architecture that looks like a smile


45/365: Smile Architecture Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.
Building Architecture showing sky reflection

Look Up

42/365: Look Up at Building Architecture Mondays can be filled with hecticness, sadness and a case of the blues.  When you are feeling down, look up - and marvel at the splendor in the universe.
Symmetrical Lines in Architecture

Symmetrical Lines

38/365: Symmetrical Lines In the noise of the day, the hecticness of life, symmetrical lines are soothing to my mind and calm my anxious soul.
Sky Reflecting on Building Architecture


31/365:  Reflect Building Architecture There is no hiding who we are, our reflection will always show our true identity.  What do you reflect? Is it beautiful?
symmetrical lines on stone path

Stone Path

14/365: Stone Path Is your path straight or curved? Colored or black and white? Look closely at the details, the story it will tell.  Who has been here before and where it will go.
outdoor light with clean lines

Clean Lines

60/366: Clean Lines I love the clean, straight lines on this image. p.s. happy leap day