photo project | 2018 – 2018 brings the ‘year of intent’ … instead of continuing with a 365 photo project I will be transitioning to just a ‘photo project’ – this will allow more time for advanced photography planning, capturing and editing.

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Why do a 365 photo project?

What is Project365? Project 365 is about documenting the beauty you find in your everyday life. From ordinary scenes like grocery shopping to exciting adventures with your loved ones, the goal is to shoot daily.

365 Photo Project is an eye opening experience. It will expand your creativity and ultimately make you a better photographer.

365 photo project 2017: year number 6. here we go.. lots to learn and share.

365 photo project 2016: Here we go again for year number five.  It is fun to watch my photography progress throughout the years.. I hope this year is the best yet!

365 photo project 2015: Year number four…. the journey continues.  I cannot image not continuing this project and sharing my view of the world through my lens.

365 photo project 2014: Going on the third year, I love this project so much and I have grown exceptionally over the last two years.  With recent purchases of new equipment this years 365 photo project is assured to be the best yet.

365 photo project 2013: I enjoyed this project so much last year I have decided to continue the project to 2013.  Thanks to everyone who has supported this project and helped make it possible.

365 photo project 2012: this website will follow Neth over the next year,  posting 365 days of Neth.  starting January 1st 2012, a new photo will be captured and posted each day.  in the end i will have obtained a 365 day view of my year and all that it was.