Who Am I?

Cathy Neth is an award-winning published photographer. She strives to create photos that pull the audience into her mind, for just that moment. She goes into the field pursuing the essence of a location. With each shutter release, she strives to invoke an emotional response from her audience, to bring back a memory or cause a feeling.

Origin of ‘The Dook’ : The Dook is a nickname I was given while attending The University of Texas at Austin. It means awesome and I strive to live up to that in all I do.

Why I Do It?

She loves the challenge of communicating with her audience without words. Is it possible to share the grandness of a forest of trees, the crispness of the air in the mountains, the sounds of water gushing from a waterfall or the serenity of a sunset on the Pacific Ocean?

She sees photography as more than taking a photo; she is reaching out to the viewer to touch them with art.

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Photos Taken