Who Am I?

Cathy Neth is a published modern photographer (cneth photography) with a goal of capturing the moments and beauty in life most don’t take the time to see. She is a modern photographer in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Coppell, Frisco, Plano, Southlake, Trophy Club and Denton area.

Origin of ‘The Dook’ : The Dook is a nickname I was given while attending The University of Texas at Austin. It means awesome and I strive to live up to that in all I do.

What I Do?

I enjoy capturing those moments and beauty in life which are to be forever remembered. Let me bring you into my lens and capture those moments in your life from a unique perspective. To find out more please visit the session details and pricing page.

I also enjoy landscape, nature, long exposure and architectural photography. All photographs are available for sale in print and digital format (licensing).  *

For non-commercial prints, see the pricing details & cost page.

To obtain commercial pricing for a photo, please drop me a note along with a list of the photos you want to use, format desired, size (if prints) and how you plan to use them (commercially) and I’ll get back to you with pricing.

Why I Do It?

Each of us falls in love with photography for our own reasons. For me, it’s the challenge of creating a photo that pulls my audience into my own mind for a moment. I go into the field in search of the “essence” of the location. Sometimes that’s a certain subject, but it’s often something less tangible… a feeling, or an emotional response. Capturing that is so much more than just releasing the shutter.

I love the challenge of communicating with my audience without words. Is it possible to share the feeling of awakening on a warm spring morning—without words? Can I share the intensity of a summer rainstorm, or the bright silence of a fresh snowfall? Can I give you a sense of what I was feeling when I was out there taking the shot?

I don’t just take a photo. I reach out to the viewer and touch them with art.


Photos Taken

Portrait Photography

Landscape Photography

Nature Photography

Architecture Photography