Photography Class Reviews

Excellent class this afternoon. Cathy did a great job explaining and walking through multiple camera settings as well as answering our questions.

Julie Broussard

I had a great morning at Cathy’s Silky Waterfall class. Lots of hands-on instruction and sharing of tips. She was prepared with a hand-out and had extra equipment (filters, etc.) we could play with if we didn’t

Sue Decker

Took Cathy’s class on Silky Waterfalls. Cathy thanks so much for the instruction and for your patience. I never thought I’d be able to get shots with this beautiful silky look. Love my new skill! I highly recommend it to future students. Thank you. She understands my camera even better than I do and she’s never even worked with a Sony.

Doris Aguirre

What a great intro to manual photography class! Cathy did a fantastic job describing the mechanics of photography and how the various manual options impact the image one captures.

I can’t wait to experiment with the methods I have learned.

Thanks Cathy!

Mark Chambers

Take this class if you are a rookie. I’ve owned an SLR for 8 years and learned a ton in one hour.

Leslie Shellman